The Edwards Family

Ward Spotlight

Names of members of your family: Daniel, Emily, Reese and Sophie

Nicknames: D, Em, Reese-aroni, Reeses-pieces, Soph

Where is your family name from: English, our ancestry mainly comes from The United Kingdom

How did you come to be in Reno: We were brought to Reno for a job promotion. But the Lord wanted us to come to this beautiful little part of Reno specifically to meet the people here. That is something we have come to realize and are so grateful for.

Favorite family activity: Our favorite family activity is bike rides around the paths by the wetlands. 

Favorite family dessert: Our favorite family dessert is chocolate chip cookies on a Sunday afternoon

Favorite family scripture story: When Ester prayed and fasted in faith for her people and was granted the courage to face the king despite the danger it put her in. Ester relied on the Lord and moved forward in faith.

Valued family lesson learned from the scriptures: Lehi’s dream. There are many applications in life. The dream shows applications of faith, the role of the Savior, and reaching for a goal. 

Valued family lesson learned as a family: The most valued lesson our family has learned is that the Lord has a plan for us. Even when we feel like we are making a leap of faith into the unknown, he is providing you with lesson and opportunities to prepare for your destination along the way.

Random fact about family: Emily and Daniel were both born with the last name Edwards. After our first date, Daniel called his mother to do a genealogy check to make sure we were not closely related. Lucky for us, we weren’t cousins, and Emily did not have to deal with changing her name.

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