The Reno Family

Ward Spotlight

Names of the people in the family – Adam, Ashley, Brynlee (11), Macee (9), Mollie (3)

Nicknames we have for each other – Brynlee-Turkey, Macee-Fuzzy, Mollie-Malls or Princess

Where is your last name from – Europe

How did you come to be in Reno – We moved to Reno for a family practice medical residency through UNR.

Favorite family activity – Going for walks, swimming, playing at the park, and playing games.

Favorite family dessert – Cinnamon Rolls

Favorite scripture story – Jesus Christ blessing the children

Most valued lesson your family has learned from the scriptures – In the book of Ether when the Lord says he will make weak things become strong.

Most valued lesson your family has learned as a family – We can do hard things!

Random fact about your family – We have moved 7 times, but all 3 girls were born while living in Pocatello, Idaho.

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