The Watts Family

Ward Spotlight

Names of the people in the family – Chad, Amanda, Peyton, Avery, Landry and Davis

Nicknames we have for each other

 Peyton: Peyday

 Avery: Avers, Avers Girl, Sista

 Landry: Lando, Landeroo

 Davis: Davy, Davy-Doo

Where is your last name from – England

How did you come to be in Reno – Amanda and Chad met in Sparks in 2007.  Amanda grew up in Sparks, and Chad came to Nevada for medical school.  After 7 years of training in Minnesota and North Carolina, we returned to Reno so Chad could join the Reno Orthopedic Clinic.

Favorite family activity – Going for walks and bike rides.  Backyard soccer.

Favorite family dessert – Mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Favorite scripture story – Master the tempest is raging

Most valued lesson your family has learned from the scriptures – Moses and Israelites looking at the staff.  Sometimes we just need to relax and just do the simple things.  It’s so simple….

Most valued lesson your family has learned as a family – You can be happy anywhere.  Home is wherever we are together.

Random fact about your family – we are Mario Kart Champions. That’s a challenge…

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