The Taylor Family

Ward Spotlight

Names of the people in the family –Nathan/Nate, KiLee/Ki, Nikita/Kita, Ryker, Gretta

Nicknames we have for each other – Kita : Bubs, Ryker : Buddy, Gretta : Baby

Where is your last name from – Derbyshire, England

How did you come to be in Reno –Nate’s boss in Texas moved here and recruited Nate to come work with her again – she called at the end of June, so it was getting to be pretty miserable where we were. It was the right time to leave Texas!

Favorite family activity – Playing tag and playing ‘Spoons’

Favorite family dessert – One that we all like – ice-cream!

Favorite scripture story – We all have different ones – Nate likes when Jesus comes to the Nephites, KiLee’s is the brother of Jared, Kita’s is Ruth and Naomi, Ryker’s is the Easter Story, and Gretta doesn’t have one.

Most valued lesson your family has learned from the scriptures – That we can be together forever as a family.

Most valued lesson your family has learned as a family –That a minivan makes road trips much easier for mom and dad!

Random fact about your family – We have never lived anywhere longer than 3 ½ years!

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