Stake Family History Challenge Week 3 – Connect

Stake Family History Challenge

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In continuation of the Mt. Rose Stake March Temple and Family History Challenge, we would like to invite you to participate in the activity for the week of March 17 – Connect. We hope that you have enjoyed the activities for Week 1, Discover, and Week 2, Gather.  If you have not done these activities we encourage you to do so. The instruction videos are included below to help you get started. The videos and the activities only take a few minutes and are a great way to honor the Sabbath Day.   The goal this week is to have individuals and families find names of ancestors and prepare them to have their temple work completed. This week instead of a video, there is a pdf file attached with instruction on how you can prepare the names of your ancestors for the temple.

If you need further assistance, please reach out to your Ward Temple and Family History Consultant, Leader or a member of the Elders Quorum or Relief Society Presidency. You can also visit the Family History Center located in the Stake Center at the Neil Road building.

President Nelson extended this challenge: “I invite you to prayerfully consider what kind of sacrifice — and preferably a sacrifice of time — you can make to do more family history and temple work this year.” 

We invite you accept and act upon this challenge and to carefully consider the blessings that have been promised for participating in this great work.  We testify that as you do so you will experience increased blessings, personal power, and protection from the influence of the adversary. 


The Stake Presidency

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