Ward Spotlight: The Larsen Family

Ward Spotlight

Nicknames we have for each other – Kenyon, Nani; Beckam, Bebo; Jude, Gigey; Emeline, Eme.

Where is the last name ‘Larsen’ from – Our name is Danish, but we have a strong Welsh/England family history.

How did you come to be in Reno – We came to Reno to start a transitional care clinic for patients who are admitted to Carson Tahoe Medical Center.

Favorite family activity – Anything that brings us together with grandparents and cousins.

Favorite family dessert – Molten chocolate cake and ice cream.

Favorite scripture story – Favorite family scripture story was difficult to find a consensus so here are the top 4: The story of the resurrection; Lehi’s dream; Ammon protecting the king’s sheep; and the account of the first vision.

Most valued lesson your family has learned from the scriptures – We are active participants in the work and glory of God.

Most valued lesson your family has learned as a family – It is important to always ask, “What can I learn from my situation?” Regardless of where we are at physically emotionally or spiritually, there is opportunity for growth.Random fact about your family – Despite several lessons from Mom and Dad, our children remain incapable of hanging their own clothes.

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