Ward Spotlight: The Cornwell Family

Ward Spotlight

As part of the Damonte Ranch Ward website there will be spotlights of families within our ward.  We decided that we would introduce our family first so that you may get to know us a little more.

Names of the people in the family – Sean, Sondra, Oliver (5), Jacob (3), and Emma (7 months).

Where is the last name ‘Cornwell” from – The name was originally Cornwall from Cornwall, England.

Nicknames we have for each other – The only people who really seem to give out nicknames are Jacob and Sondra.  Jacob likes to give nicknames that rhyme – Emma Semma, Mommy Tommy.  Sondra just calls all of the people in the family ‘Goob’; Little Goob, Middle Goob, Big Goob, and Humungous Goob.

How did you come to be in Reno – Sean, and all of his kids, have always loved cars, so when he got a job offer with Tesla there was nothing Sondra could do to keep him away.  They packed up and moved from Sunny San Diego to Reno, where they have thoroughly enjoyed the snow.

Favorite family activity – Spending time together outside, their new favorite is sledding.

Favorite family dessert – cakes; Oliver – Angel Food Cake, Jacob – Chocolate Cake, Sean – Cheesecake, Sondra – German Chocolate Cake.

Favorite scripture story – Stripling Warriors, also known as ‘The Big Hole’ in their family.

Most valued lesson your family has learned from the scriptures – That Heavenly Father loves every single one of us.

Most valued lesson your family has learned as a family – Patience

Random fact about your family – Both Sean and Sondra were in the same area of Pennsylvania at the same time for 9 months but never met each other until they both moved back to San Diego.

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